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- tent


Many have seen the possibilities of the tent.

Dog owners have used it as a showtent for their dogs. Horsemen, golfers, fishermen, sportsmen, disabled people, basecamps and meetings of all types.

The car is shielded from people looking in during the night and from the sun shining in during daytime.
The car can be used without dismantling the tent.
Then there is a wall to use on that side instead of the car.

When the tent is erected and the car driven into place there is no possibility to see into either the car or the tent.

As you cannot see into the car or the tent, valuables are not exposed to bypassers.
Valuables can be locked in the car with its alarm as an added bonus.

Tent specification

  • Available colours: green/violet and green/blue.
  • The car's radio and lighting can be used.
  • There is no view into the car night time and it is shielded from the sun daytime.
  • The CAMPINETTE is self supporting. If you wish to use the car an extra wall is available to seal the tent.
  • Easy attachment on the outside of the car, can easily be detached when you want to use the car.
  • Packed in a bag 80 x 35 cm
  • Full ground sheet and draught preventer
  • The system creates a draught free area between car, car wheel house and tent.
  • You can walk dryfooted between the car and the tent.
  • CAMPINETTE can be erected on either side of the car.
  • Inner tent - insect net, absider.
  • The tent has high stability by being attached to the car.

Tent specification

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