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- tent


Think, to be able to use all the comforts of your car, such as the lighting and the radio, when you are out camping.
You can even go with dry feet between the car and the tent!

The CAMPINETTE tent consists of a living area with 4 - 5 sleepingplaces - plus a connecting car cover.

CAMPINETTE fits most cars from normal saloons up to medium size cross country vehicles.

The tent is sewn in one piece with a water tight ground sheet in the living area that makes it dry and draughtproof between ground, car and wheel house.

Extra roof and raincover - easy to put up.

The CAMPINETTE is selfsupporting even without a car.


CAMPINETTE is a patented car tent

Weight 18 kg
Packed measurements 80 x 30 x 35 cm
Erected measurements 3 m x 2 m + car section
Erected height approximately 185 cm

The living area has a watertight floor (10 000 mm watercolumn) .

Roof and walls 3000 mm watercolumn.

The groundsheet is sewn to the tent which makes a sealed area.

  • Tent supports of aluminium (4)

  • Side supports (2) + 1 middle support of steel

  • Taped seams. Innertent - insect net + wind shield.

  • Tent pegs and a pack of spare parts is included

  • Extra roof and rain shield. See illustration.

  • Packed in a bag 80 x 35 cm. See illustration.

  • An extra blind for estate cars rear screens is included.

Erection is quick and easy with yellow coloured aluminium poles on the outside.

Silver coloured poles on the inside slot simply into pockets in each corner.

The tent has high stability by being attached to a car.

Information, order: vivinova@telia.com

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